Drapery Tips

Are drapes still a thing? Have you asked yourself if your window needs drapery? Or does every window really need drapery? What do I mean by drapery? Window treatments, curtains, drapes, and draperies are all used interchangeably, and that can be confusing!!

Everything we can use to dress a window can simply be defined as window treatments. Draperies, shades, and blinds are all types of window treatments.

Watch my video for drapery tips!

Decorating Discoveries: Drapery Tips

Do you have more questions? In this video I talk more specifically about shades, wovens, and blinds. Can you layer them? I’ll tell ya!

Decorating Discoveries: Draperies, Wovens, and Blinds

If you’re more of a “just give it to me” kinda person, here is quick run through of tips I shared in my videos:

  • Consider privacy: Do you need some? Layer your treatments for additional privacy. Black out lining is your friend, and it helps block sunlight, too!
  • Consider your view: Do you want to block it? Window treatments can do this beautifully. Want to accentuate it? Window treatments and draperies frame the window to accentuate it.
  • Improve the aesthetics of your drapery with black out lining. It will eliminate the outline of the window when the sun shines through, and keep the illusion the the window is larger than it actually is.
  • Install drapery, curtains, or panels above the window to visually expand the window.
This illustration by Fred Gonsowski is the perfect example for installing window treatments!
  • Use rings to keep functional drapes beautiful open or closed.
  • Unless your style is minimalistic, you need window treatments!
  • Consider bamboo shades or wovens when your aesthetic is Southern, Coastal, or more relaxed to keep your space from feeling too trendy.
  • Combine drapes and shades to create layers and textures!

Here are some tools I love for creating a polished drapery on your own! Click on the pictures for my links!

Create the look of rings without rings!
Add weights to your ready-made drapery to ensure they hang properly!
Basic and long white black out draperies to soften your window!
Use fabric glue to add this along the leading edge to add a custom look to your existing draperies!

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Did you find these videos and tips helpful? Which was your favorite?

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